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Visitors & Volunteers

We welcome visitors and volunteers, but ask that you follow these regulations:

  • Your visit must be pre-arranged
  • Present your government issued ID (US driver's license or consular card) at the front desk
  • Scan your ID and have your picture taken
  • Wear the issued picture ID at all times (valid for one day)
  • Regular volunteers (20+ hours per school year) must complete a Volunteer Packet, available at the front desk, and receive clearance

Our Districtwide emphasis on school safety includes the following:

  • Before and after school, only students and staff will be allowed inside the campus perimeter.  Roosevelt Middle School will not unlock the exterior gates to campus until 8:05, so we have appropriate supervision on campus.
  • Parents can access staff, as they normally would, via the sign in/sign out procedure in the office for meetings and other routine needs.
  • While in session, school perimeters will be secure and locked.
  • During arrival and dismissal, open gate areas will be supervised.
  • Employees will wear their employee badges.
  • Student release during the school day will be standardized and is as follows:
    • Students shall be released during the school day only to the custody of an adult in possession of a valid, government issued photo identification card and if:
      • The adult is the student's custodial parent/guardian
      • The adult has been authorized on the student's emergency card as someone to whom the student may be released with authorization from the custodial parent/guardian or when the custodial parent/guardian cannot be reached, and the principal or designee verifies the adult's identity
      • The adult is an authorized law enforcement officer acting in accordance with law
      • The adult is taking the student to emergency medical care at the request of the principal or designee

We want to thank our community for sharing this value of safety.