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McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

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What is McKinney-Vento?

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act authorizes the federal Education for Homeless Children and Youth (EHCY) Program and is the primary piece of federal legislation related to the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness. It was reauthorized in December 2015 by Title IX, Part A, of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Board Policy 6173 Education for Homeless Children

Administrative Regulation 6173-R(1) Education for Homeless Children _______________________________________________________________________________________

VUSD District Homeless Contacts

District Homeless Liaison:
Student Support Services, Coordinator and LEA Liaison:INTERNAL LINK  Joan Faus
(760) 726-2170 ext. 92180
1234 Arcadia Avenue Vista, CA 92084

District Homeless Support:
Student Support Services, Staff Secretary INTERNAL LINK Tania Hernandez
(760) 726-2170 ext. 92180
1234 Arcadia Avenue Vista, CA 92084 

School-Level Representatives

School-level representatives and community liaison list 

Please visit VUSD's Student Support Services McKinney Vento Homeless Program website by clicking here