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Physical Education Department


We believe that Physical Education is a lifelong endeavor that promotes the values of individual fitness, group participation, and social interaction.

Through a wide variety of activities, challenges, and instruction methods, our students will develop physically intellectually and emotionally.

Our goal is to provide an active, educational, safe, enjoyable, and supportive program in which every student has the opportunity to be successful.


A parent note excusing a child from PE can be good for two days. If modified PE is allowed, the student is required to still dress out. If no PE is required, the student will report to the nurses office after checking in the with the PE teacher and do an alternate written assignment in the office. This work is turned in to the PE teacher.

A student requiring a medical note for an extended period of time will report each day directly to the nurses office and be on an alternative program of written assignments. All work will be turned in to the PE teacher. Students grade will be modified.


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Students are required to change into their PE clothes daily. It consists of: T-shirt, shortsand/or sweats and athletic shoes that are fastened securely. An unmarked, all black or Roosevelt baseball cap may be worn.


New uniforms can be purchased at any time.

It is the respondsibily of the student to create a temporary uniform if theirs gets lost. Shorts must be at least 6 in inseam, elastic waist, no pockets,no zipper. Shirts must have sleeves (no tank tops), and must reach the thigh.

ALL clothes must be visibly marked with the students name.


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2014 PE Non-Suit Policy