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Welcome to the Science Department

Our Mission Statement:

We will prepare students to be responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. Roosevelt middle schools science curriculum provides students with the foundations to understand the inner workings of our world using scientific processes and concepts for all fields of science: earth science, life science and physical science. This multidisciplinary approach, based on the Next Generation Science Standards, promotes curiosity and builds content knowledge along with core science practices to develop scientifically literate citizens.

The goals of the Roosevelt Middle School Science department are to:

  • Prepare students for success in their future high school and college science classes.
  • Prepare students to be scientifically and technologically literate.
  • Encourage students to wonder and be curious about the world around them.
  • Create effective critical thinkers.
  • Encourage students to make metaphorical connections between science concepts and artistic expression.


Middle School NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas by grade level

California Science Content Standards (you need Adobe PDF to view)

Science Highlights 1

Science Highlights 2


Science Highlights 3

Science Highlights 4

Science Highlights 7

Science Highlights 8