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The Roosevelt Middle School Choir Program will be a place of respect, nurture, artistry, excellence, and creativity at the highest levels. Colleagues, parents, students, and the community will join and experience a choral program that inspires and challenges students to reach their greatest potential musically and academically.


The mission of the Roosevelt Middle School Choral Program is to provide a superior choral arts education in which students gain not only musical skills and a life-long appreciation of music, but also develop individual skills and strategies that will help them to be successful in all academic areas and throughout their lives.


In Beginning Chorus students learn the basic skills of singing. It is the gateway to every other chorus at Roosevelt. The fundamentals of singing; breath support, diction, proper vowel formation, ear training, reading music, and performance expectations are reinforced daily. Students perform in two concerts per school year. These concerts are held at night and are open to the public. Check Dawn Pelletier-Inouye's website for the chorus calendar.


In Women's Ensemble students continue with ear-training and vocal technique. Students are expected to increase their practice time to two and a half hours per week. Students who want to excel in the program will need to be consistent in their practice. It is highly competitive. Students perform in four concerts per year. There is additional information regarding concert dates at Dawn Pelletier-Inoiye's web-site.


Students will continue to work on the skills of ear training, vocal technique, and sight-singing. This group is one of the only all male Middle School Chorus' in Southern California. They will be expected to perform in 4-5 concerts each school year along with performing in the school assemblies three times a year..


Student's in this class have a great deal of musical experience and are a distinguished group of young ladies who are expected to represent Roosevelt's choral program on and off campus.. They continue to develop their individual voices and raise their level of artistry. The performance schedule increases 5-6 concerts per year and more with the inclusion of school assemblies. Students learn the importance of working together for the good of the whole. A desire to refine individual character skills is an important value in this class.


This is a small group of auditioned students who meet together before school two mornings a week to rehearse. The class starts the beginning of February. Singers prepare music for the upcoming Festival Concert and also for the Pops Concert.. They must be capable of learning music quickly and performing at a high level of musicianship. They sometimes travel off campus to represent the entire choral program.

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