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CA College Campuses

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University of California (UC)

The campuses of the University of California provide exciting environments that foster world-class educational and research opportunities and generate a wide range of benefits and services that touch the lives of Californians throughout the state.

The web sites of individual UC campuses provide a wealth of information about their history, traditions, academic distinctions and social contributions as well as a compendium of facts, figures, maps and pictures. The links below will take you directly to each campus.

CA College Campuses

UC Campuses

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California State University (CSU)

The California State University (CSU) responds to the demands of new generations of Californians seeking a quality education. The CSU is committed not only to access but also to the success of students admitted to the university. CSU campuses sponsor programs for low-income students who are California residents and are disadvantaged because of their economic and/ or educational backgrounds. Special programs are available for students who need assistance. Academic advising, counseling services, and learning assistance are also available to all students.

CA College Campuses

CSU Campuses

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Community College

The California Community Colleges system consists of over 100 colleges, with a large number of additional campus centers and classrooms throughout the state. The colleges are spread over a wide range of geography, from mountains to coasts, and rural regions to big cities. Each college offers a diverse array of educational programs, with specializations that reflect the unique character of the local region.

Community College

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