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Wildcat Band


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Instrumental Music Elective Program

The band program at RMS is a sequential, performance based, California State Content Standards driven course where students progress in their development on a musical instrument through participation in four levels of instruction: Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band and Wildcat Band.

Beginning Band
This class is for students with very limited or no previous experience on woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. Instruction is geared to provide students with basic rhythmic skills, note reading competency, fingerings and characteristic tone production. It is open to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students and is a yearlong class. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required.

Intermediate Band and Concert Band
The intermediate Band and Concert Band are open to students with one or more years of experience, or by audition. Selection to Intermediate Band or Concert Band is made at the end of the previous year through a competitive audition. Instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments emphasizes development of advanced performance techniques, scales, rhythms, notation, terminology, stylistic interpretation and historical significance. These groups are open to all grade levels. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required for participation.

Wildcat Band
The Wildcat Band is the advanced performance group at Roosevelt Middle School. Selection is through audition and permission of the instructor. This group stresses the continued development of technique, musicianship and advanced performance practices. The Wildcat Band represents the Instrumental Music Program at school and community functions. Students are expected to display a high degree of responsibility in all of their class work in order to participate in these special activities. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required.

Our Goals

  • To provide an environment that develops creativity, self-expression, self-confidence and personal discipline.
  • To develop an appreciation of music and an understanding of music fundamentals by becoming skilled in playing a musical instrument.
  • To promote a positive self-image and feeling of self-worth through individual
    accomplishment and group success.
  • To develop self-discipline, organizational skills, responsibility and the ability
    to cooperate with others.


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