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Course Requirements: Welcome to Art Basics and Advanced Art, where curiosity, creative thinking, and open mind are always welcomed! Students will be required to do several projects per quarter which will be assessed based on individual student's efforts, progress, and skill level. Student art critiques, peer review, quizzes on learned famous artists or art techniques, and themed, in-class daily sketch prompts supplement the art projects offered and help maintain a well-rounded art learning experience.

The projects include exploration into different types of mediums and subject matter. Past project have included topics such as portraiture and identity, composition in career art, character design, art and cultural events, such as Dias de los Muertos, social activism, and endangered species awareness. The varying mediums used may include acrylic, tempra and water-based paint, inks, paper mache, clay, pencils, pastels and charcoals.

About me . . .

My name is Ms. Brayshaw and I cannot wait to share with you the fun learning year that awaits us in the visual arts world. A little about me: I received my B.A. in Art Education from CSU Fullerton, where I also received my teaching credentials. In my free time you will find me hiking mountains and exploring National Parks, playing with my dog, Watson, or checking out local arts events.

Teaching Philosophy

As an Art Educator, I support art that promotes curiosity, experimentation, and discovery in my students for the world in which they live in, from diverse cultures to the natural environment. I believe in art as a universal language that can transcend all disciplines and it is my goal to have students learn art in a way that makes the ordinary into the extraordinary, nourishes the imagination, and grows innovation, all of which can lead to lifelong success.


This is an introductory course to the visual arts. The content covers a variety of concepts and drawing media, painting and color theory, three-dimensional design, pottery, and techniques in perspective. Students learn about art history and visual art careers. This course is a prerequisite course for Advanced Art class.


This course is for students who want an opportunity to advance to a higher level of understanding and skill development in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional design areas. Advanced Art builds upon the skills and knowledge learned in Art Basics. Stronger emphasis is placed on composition and the creation of original artworks for portfolios. The general areas of study included in this course are a focus on art history, recognizing works and artists from different periods of art history and world cultures. Students will be expected to express their ideas in a variety of styles and methods. Students will be required to participate in class discussion, discuss works of art, critique a formal work of art, study styles of art through slides and videos, and create projects that illustrate these styles in order to earn credit for this course.


A great way to explore electives at Roosevelt is to enroll in Explore classes. Art Explore gives 6th through 8th grade students an opportunity to learn about visual arts from Elements of Design to Ceramic Clay Sculpting. Our classroom offers drawing, painting, and sculpture in one semester increments. Students are taught through the National Arts Standards with the best materials and tools available today. Roosevelt is an Artful Learning School, making this school one of the best in the district for integrating the arts in all the classrooms. Visit us each year at the Festival of the Arts where our students showcase their best work in all mediums.

Below: Hand sculpted ceramic Pinch Pot Monsters and

Hand sculpted ceramic Pinch Pot Monsters

Hand sculpted ceramic Pinch Pot Monsters

Hand sculpted ceramic Pinch Pot Monsters

Below: Notan, Japanese Dark-Light Paper Collage

Notan, Japanese Dark-Light Paper Collage

Notan, Japanese Dark-Light Paper Collage

Notan, Japanese Dark-Light Paper Collage

Art 1










ART 10