The 6th grade department is excited to work with our youngest Wildcats! The 6th grade teachers understand the excitement and concern of starting Middle School. We strive to create an environment where students' individual strengths are showcased and areas for growth are supported. Teachers are in PRIDE teams to plan cross-curricular units. We utilize the Artful Learning unit design.

In Social Studies students are going to explore the Ancient Civilizations. We look at Ancient Civilizations as historians do; students will be examining primary and secondary sources to make arguments. Students will analyze why and how Ancient Civilizations developed, as well as what legacies Ancient Civilizations leave for us today.

In English Language Arts, students will be analyzing short stories, novels, and non-fiction articles to become critical readers and writers. Students can expect to approach becoming a reader and a writer as a process that requires patience and practice. Students will have one period for targeted reading and writing intervention or enrichment called Literacy Lab. In Literacy Lab, students can expect 30 minutes of reading a book of their choice and learning skills to support reading and writing. They will be encouraged to read across genres and build agency through personal goal setting, self-monitoring, and coaching.

We offer Read-180 for reading intervention. Our Read-180 teachers are highly qualified to support struggling readers using an effective program. We also offer Learning Center English Language Arts. Our Learning Center teachers are able to support students who are learning different. Students will receive work to address gaps in learning and also receive instruction and reading materials at grade level. As evidenced by our English Language Arts course selection options we provide support and enrichment to all of our 6th grade Wildcats!

As an English Language Arts team we work on instilling a growth mindset, becoming a responsible member of our Wildcat community, and teaching skills that will support students for the rest of their educational journey. We are honored to be working with the parents of the RMS community and the Administration, Counseling, and Office Staff! Most importantly we are grateful to be working with such a talented, diverse, and thoughtful group of students!

What will your student be learning in English?

Below are the Anchor Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language for English Language Arts. For more information, please go to: Finale access standards

What will your student be learning in Social Studies?

Below are the California Social Studies standards for 6th grade. For more information check out: History social sciences

6th Grade ELA

Students demonstrating understanding of democracy using a tableau

Students learning about scapegoating

Students demonstrating understanding of scapegoat using a tableau

6th Grade ELA

Students selling a "protractor" using Arts Based Skills and Strategies