Leo Bern


Leonard Bernstein's Artful Learning

Roosevelt Middle School is a Vista Unified School District Personalized Learning Challenge School. In addition to exploring the various facets to personalized learning, part of RMS's journey during the 2016-2017 school year involved actively investigating and exploring the viability of using the Artful Learning Model as a way to further advance in bringing the best possible personalized learning experience to our students. Thus, the 2021-2022 school year is RMS' fifth year of full implementation.

Schools across the country have used this methodology to improve academic achievement in all subject areas, increase student engagement and motivation for learning while transforming the school culture and community.

Established in 1990 and founded by American music icon, Leonard Bernstein to strengthen education on a national level by preparing educators to use the Arts and the artistic process to learn across all academic subjects. Inspired by Maestro Bernstein's vision that music and the other fine and performing arts - in combination with a concept-based, interdisciplinary construct - could be used to improve academic achievement and instill a love of learning. This reformation of thought embeds the Arts in the learning process and serves as the method of response for students to convey understanding across the curriculum.

The education model is based on over 20 years of intensive collaboration and refinement, field research and implementation with leading educators, researchers, and ultimately, practitioners of the model. The Artful Learning Sequence is a framework for educators to explore and deliver their curriculum in way that revitalizes teaching, learning and leadership - grounded in the artistic process. Extensive research-proven professional development empowers educators to use this methodology over a three-year implementation process - ultimately building a sustainable and effective learning community. Visit www.artfullearning.org and www.leonardbernstein.com.


Conceptualization diagram